Law Office IT Solutions

Is your law office looking to make the most on ROI while still keeping privacy and confidentiality number one? BigThumb can consolidate your coordination efforts to ensure your staff is proficient in the latest technologies to keep your clients and attorneys in sync.

The biggest two challenges we hear from attorneys today are:

  1. Maintaining client appointments, calendar coordination, courtroom times, and keeping interested third parties aware of your calendar updates
  2. Management of information, including: document revisions, locations of sensitive documents, and immediate, secure access (or transmission) of information through the wide area network to a tablet or phone.

To address these challenges, BigThumb offers these turnkey solutions along with fully customizable solutions:

  • Terminal Server Implementation
  • Microsoft Server Essentials Integration
  • Enterprise-Level Anti-virus solutions
  • Multiple office and “work-from-home” integration technologies
  • Secure Voice and Data protocol
  • VPN Firewall with wireless technology
  • Document storage, printing, and faxing optimization (lessens the need for paper)