Non-Profit IT Solutions

If your organization needs help figuring out what you need to make it to that next level, let the experts at BigThumb take you through the audit process and show you how to maximize your tech dollars and spend more on your cause.

BigThumb has the confidence to utilize nearly all of your old systems and equipment while still bringing your systems up to the latest technology for a minimal investment. Using all of your existing systems and integrating with the BigThumb cloud infrastructure, you will not need to invest another dime in hardware for the foreseeable future, while still keeping up with technology and offering employees and VIPs the ability to work remotely. In the world of non-profits, “comfortably efficient” tends to be the credo we strive for with our clients. Additionally, BigThumb offers a significant exclusive discount for non-profit organizations.

Specifically, we have shown proven success within the following areas:

  • Terminal Server Implementation
  • Microsoft Server Essentials Integration
  • Enterprise-Level Anti-virus solutions
  • Multiple office and “work-from-home” integration technologies
  • Apple implementation and support