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Law Offices

Law Office IT Solutions
Is your law office looking to make the most on ROI while still keeping privacy and confidentiality number one? BigThumb can consolidate your coordination efforts to ensure your staff is proficient in the latest technologies to keep your clients and attorneys in sync.

The biggest two challenges we hear from attorneys today are:

  1. Maintaining client appointments, calendar coordination, courtroom times, and keeping interested third parties aware of your calendar updates
  2. Management of information, including: document revisions, locations of sensitive documents, and immediate, secure access (or transmission) of information through the wide area network to a tablet or phone.

To address these challenges, BigThumb offers these turnkey solutions along with fully customizable solutions:

  • Terminal Server Implementation
  • Microsoft Server Essentials Integration
  • Enterprise-Level Anti-virus solutions
  • Multiple office and “work-from-home” integration technologies
  • Secure Voice and Data protocol
  • VPN Firewall with wireless technology
  • Document storage, printing, and faxing optimization (lessens the need for paper)


Healthcare IT Solutions

When it comes to Healthcare, BigThumb knows that timing is critical. Whether sending x-ray images or transferring client information between facilities, our experts are able to keep your data HIPAA compliant and secure. Our around the clock service is designed to alleviate down time, keeping your practice operational at all times. Our leadership team’s technology expertise includes but is not limited to: healthcare office efficiencies; practice growth through technology implementation; touch-screen imaging; and tailored client management systems.

BigThumb has optimized urgent care centers, radiology centers, specialty clinics, and surgery centers; most with integrated Apple systems (iPad, iPhone, iMac) to give the doctors the freedom to maneuver inside and outside of the office in the most secure, efficient way possible.

Inside the office, some of our turnkey solutions include:

  • HIPAA compliant firewall technologies
  • Automatic email encryption to protect sensitive information
  • Web and application filtering to maximize employee productivity
  • PACS administration and DICOM image transmission
  • EMR configuration, optimization, and administration
  • Document workflow to reduce paper (including virtual fax)
  • Cloud services and Support

We also work with dependable partners to offer radiology solutions to some of our urgent care centers and build a connection that allows the urgent care centers to run at a minimal cost investment, while maximizing patient care and satisfaction.


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Small Business

Small Business IT Solutions

At BigThumb, we pride ourselves in providing expert around the clock support to every client- big or small. Need advice on how to grow your small business? You’ve come to the right place. Whether setting up an office, providing document management systems, considering a VoIP phone solution, or simply auditing the process you have in place, the experts at BigThumb can provide a tailored solution to meet all of your business’ individual needs.

For small business specifically, BigThumb can build a tailored solution that will spread the investment of new equipment and services across the first year of services once contracted with BigThumb. Additionally, BigThumb can work with your small business on an hourly as-needed basis to keep costs at a minimum until your company is ready for a more robust support package.

Frequent technologies implemented at small businesses include:

  • Windows Small Business Server (email, website, file sharing)
  • VPN Firewall with wireless technology
  • Document Storage, Printing and Faxing optimization (lessens the need for paper)
  • Internet Service Provider management
  • VoIP Phone integration

Private Sector

Private Sector IT Solutions

How does it feel to be one of the fastest growing markets in the business economy today? If stressed is listed anywhere in your response, you’ve come to the right place. Let the experts at BigThumb take a load off of your shoulders, and show you what it means to have unmatched support 24/7/365. Our technicians are always on call and ready to troubleshoot whatever problem you throw at them. Need help managing your private company? Well, look no further. Our highly qualified staff can not only fix problems, but also prevent them through systems such as: managed services; training and education; internal business and workflow audits; and an even wider range of customized solutions tailored to suit your business’ needs.

BigThumb helps private companies manage their other service providers to help maximize efficiencies within the company workflow. Additionally, BigThumb has developed a multitude of in-house cloud applications that were custom designed for the business looking to eliminate production losses and management oversights.

Some technologies typically utilized and recommended for private companies include:

  • VMWare Virtualization Technologies (both server and client systems)
  • Windows Server Essentials (or upgraded to Server 2012)
  • Axis Security Camera Solutions
  • Control4 Automation Systems to minimize environmental impacts and reduce utility costs from an iPhone or Android interface


Insurance IT Solutions

Accidents happen. So when life throws you a curveball, let the experts at BigThumb get your business back on track, and running better than ever. BigThumb not only provides expert solutions backed by years of experience, but we can also provide the security and around the clock support every business needs.

Our technicians are often sought to do the following for our Insurance and Investment based clients:

  • Windows Small Business Server (email, website, file sharing)
  • VPN Firewall with wireless technology
  • Printing and faxing
  • Internet Service Provider management
  • VoIP Phone Integration


Non-Profit IT Solutions

If your organization needs help figuring out what you need to make it to that next level, let the experts at BigThumb take you through the audit process and show you how to maximize your tech dollars and spend more on your cause.

BigThumb has the confidence to utilize nearly all of your old systems and equipment while still bringing your systems up to the latest technology for a minimal investment. Using all of your existing systems and integrating with the BigThumb cloud infrastructure, you will not need to invest another dime in hardware for the foreseeable future, while still keeping up with technology and offering employees and VIPs the ability to work remotely. In the world of non-profits, “comfortably efficient” tends to be the credo we strive for with our clients. Additionally, BigThumb offers a significant exclusive discount for non-profit organizations.

Specifically, we have shown proven success within the following areas:

  • Terminal Server Implementation
  • Microsoft Server Essentials Integration
  • Enterprise-Level Anti-virus solutions
  • Multiple office and “work-from-home” integration technologies
  • Apple implementation and support